Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tennessee Plantations

Tennessee plantations are historical landmarks (mansions) which now serve as excellent sites for tourists. These sites offer a great insight into our American past and allow us to savor history in a way never experienced before.

Tennessee Plantation
Belle Meade Tennessee Plantation
You see, most of these Tennessee plantations were owned by popular families (ones which, back in the day, had a lot of influence and power). These plantation homes are sometimes two to three generations deep. Lucky for us that they were preserved too as they allow us to see what American life was like during the 1700's and 1800's.

In this article, I am going to cover some of the more popular plantations located in Tennessee. I'll give you a bit a history lesson and some attractive features about each area. With that said, let's get going.


Built in 1853, Belmont was built by the Acklens family. It has an extraordinary 36 luxurious rooms, 19,000 square feet, and is one of the most elaborate mansions in Tennessee.


This two story log home was built somewhere between 1807 and1809. It is constructed of chestnut logs and has a beautiful limestone fireplace with poplar floors. Words don't give this home justice.


This home was built in 1787 in the "good o' town" of Goodlettsville and is the oldest brick residence in the state of Tennessee. Located near it you can find various attractions including gift shops and vintage restaurants most of which are family operated (by the same family). This provides that "classic" feel and can easily send you back in time to the days of yore.


This fabulous home was built in 1830 and is still considered a National Historic Landmark. Back in the day it was home to three generations of Carter family (hence the name) and today, is owned by the state of Tennessee.


The Cragfont mansion was built in 1802 (just over 200 years ago) and was the home of historical legend, General James Winchester.

Belle Meade

The Belle Meade is one of the most interesting estates in Tennessee. Actually, this site incorporates a few different mansions: the first is a 1790's station log cabin. The second is an 1853 Antebellum Mason home and the third is an 1890's Carriage house with luxury stables. These are the most important sites along with seven other less popular sites. As for the rest of the estate, you can find a restaurant and a gift shop both which cater to your souvenirs and your appetite.


These Tennessee plantations are historical gold. You can find other plantation homes across the United States. However, Tennessee provides some of the most captivating estates around. They are historical legends and will continue to attract thousands of people from all across the nation. You can get in almost any day of the week and for a relatively low price as well. Tell the kids that it's time for a little vacation where they will actually learn something of historical significance.

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