Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kentucky Plantations

When you visualize Kentucky, you may envision white fences and green grass. Kentucky is the heart of the Thoroughbred horse industry in the United States, but there are also plantations, which have nothing to do with race horses.
Richwood Plantation 
You usually think of South and North Carolina as plantation states, but Kentucky also has its share of historical mansions. They are integral to the history of the area, and are becoming more widely known and visited. People also hold events at these locations.

The Richwood Plantation in Milton, Kentucky is located near the mighty Ohio River. It was built back in 1803. Visitors to this elegant plantation stay at the bed & breakfast and wander the 100+ acres that the plantation covers.

Guests use the plantation inn for weddings and receptions. The home itself has hot tubs and even an indoor pool. Outdoors you'll find walking trails, stables and a riding arena. You will also see small cottages dotting the acreage, where people who want seclusion may choose to stay.

Finery Winery ... 

The Springhill Plantation and Winery in Bloomfield, Kentucky, also boasts a bed & breakfast. Springhill was established back in 1857 and covers more than one thousand acres. There has been a good deal of renovation done throughout the years, and today the winery, gardens and the bed & breakfast are available for visitors.

Many people visit the Springfield Plantation and Winery and enjoy the amenities that come with a stay there. There are wine tastings available and you can also browse a gift shop. You can book the site for a wedding and the first night of your honeymoon. This plantation even offers ghost tours and murder mystery weekends.

Mind Your Manors ... 

The Maple Hill Manor is a restored antebellum plantation in Springfield, Kentucky. The 15 acre plantation is still used for farming. The owners open the home for special occasions like weddings, as well as other events. Outdoor and indoor weddings alike can be held on the grounds. Whether they marry in the gardens or gazebo, the wedding is one to remember. Brides can even arrive in a horse-drawn carriage.

If you want to take a piece of Maple Hill Manor home with you, visit the gift shop, where you can find items that have been made right on the plantation. The land and home can be rented for romantic getaways, murder mystery weekends and people seeking a true Kentucky experience.

The farm lands of Kentucky stretch from the hills to the Ohio River. Preston Plantation was owned by a key player in the Underground Railroad, which helped slaves to escape to Indiana, and safety, before the Civil War. This plantation has a rich history and is being preserved as a museum of living history.

The property of the Preston Plantation is protected under an agricultural conservation act, and is a cornerstone of the Freedom Corridor area of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. The farm still is a lot like it was when owned by Mary Preston and used to help people escape slavery. 
There is still a one-room schoolhouse on the property, where Mary once educated black and white children, alike.

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