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Issaquena County, Mississippi

Issaquena County is a county located in the Mississippi Delta region of the U.S. state of Mississippi. As of 2010, the population was 1,406, making it the smallest county by population in Mississippi. Its county seat is Mayersville. Issaquena is a Native American word which means Deer River. The county is highly based on agriculture.


Issaquena County is notable for its participation in slavery. In 1860, 92.5% of Issaquena County's total population were slaves, the highest concentration of slaves in the United States. The U.S. Census for that year showed that 7,244 slaves were held in Issaquena County, and of 115 slave owners, 39 held 77 or more slaves. Dr. Stephen Duncan of Issaquena County held 858 slaves, second only to Joshua John Ward of South Carolina.

Major highways

  • US 61.svg U.S. Route 61
  • Circle sign 1.svg Mississippi Highway 1
  • Circle sign 14.svg Mississippi Highway 14
  • Circle sign 16.svg Mississippi Highway 16

Adjacent counties


  • Towns
    • Mayersville
  • Unincorporated places
    • Fitler
    • Grace
    • Valley Park


There are no schools located in Issaquena County. Students attend campuses in neighboring Sharkey and Washington counties.
  • Public School Districts
    • South Delta School District – Based in Rolling Fork; Serves most of Issaquena County including Mayersville.
    • Western Line School District – Based in Avon; Serves northwestern portion of Issaquena County.
  • Private Schools
    • Sharkey-Issaquena Academy – Located in Rolling Fork; Enrollment open to Issaquena County residents.

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