Sunday, August 18, 2013

Brain Food: 1950's Vintage Ads

At back-to-school time, moms restock their shelves with lunch staples like peanut butter and jelly. Enjoy this sampling of ads for brown-bag classics.


Vintage ad for Welch's, 1947 (c/o Reminisce magazine) 

Welch's Cherry Preserves ad, 1947

Derby's Peter Pan Peanut Butter ad, 1944 (c/o Reminisce magazine)

Derby's Peter Pan Peanut Butter ad, 1944

Vintage ad for the American Dairy Association, 1951 (c/o Reminisce magazine)

American Dairy Association ad, 1951


Vintage ad for Kraft Cheese, 1925 (c/o Reminisce magazine)

Kraft Cheese ad, 1925

Vintage ad for Nabisco Waffle Creams, 1950 (c/o Reminisce magazine)

Nabisco Waffle Creams ad, 1950

Vintage ad for Meadow Gold Milk, 1953 (c/o Reminisce magazine)

Meadow Gold Milk ad, 1953

Vintage ad for Beverly Peanut Butter, 1954 (c/o Reminisce magazine) 

Beverly Peanut Butter ad, 1954

Source: Reminise

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