Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Standing Alone

It was alone I took my stand strengthened by an unseen hand, 
Alone I started in the fight, left the darkness for the light.
Alone I face the foe today, The Lord of hosts is still my stay. 
I know I am so very weak so I must my Father seek.
It is alone that I must pray, the spirit helps me day by day, 
And through its help I get to see something in the word for me.
In times when I alone must be, The Lord stands by and strengthens me. 
When great decisions I must make, He from the throne doth undertake.
Its not what others do or say that really hinders progress in the way; 
But fear that fills my heart each day lest I should ever leave this way.
Many a time like Christ, and Paul, we stand alone, forsook by all; 
But this will help us to depend Upon Him as a faithful friend.
Broken fragments, bits of clay strangely scattered in the way. 
Touch them gently, walk with care, Christ remembers spikenard there.
Shattered pitchers dot the field; here the conqueror's trumpet peaked. 
Christ remembers light held high where the broken fragments lie.
Near the fountain crushed and bruised lie the vessels Christ has used. 
Here let tenderness abound; Softly tread on Holy ground.
Though we sat not where “twas given," Though we fought not where “twas striven," God forbid that we despise Fragments of their sacrifice.
(composed for a worn out worker)
(Elma Wiebe)