Sunday, August 18, 2013

1950's Student Caught Singing The Blues

In 1958, a second-grade girl in Rock Hill, South Carolina, was caused some embarrassment in the bathroom from Elvis Presley's Love Me Tender.

In 1958, I was a second-grader in Rock Hill, South Carolina. One day I asked my teacher, Mrs. Hipp, if I could go to the bathroom. I didn’t really have to go; I was bored and just wanted to get up and do something.

The bathroom was in the back of the schoolroom. I liked it there because I was alone and couldn’t hear Mrs. Hipp. I didn’t want to go back to class, so I was just daydreaming about I don’t know what all, sitting in a world of my own.

My mama was always singing, so I started to sing a song I’d learned from her—softly, so I was sure no one could hear me. I sang the whole song, then decided I couldn’t waste any more time.

Although I hated to go back to my desk, I got up and opened the door. To my surprise, all my classmates had turned around in their seats and were looking straight at me. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but they were all snickering. Even the teacher had a grin on her face.

As I approached my seat, Mrs. Hipp asked, “Peggy, were you singing in the bathroom?”

With a shock, I realized what had happened: The bathroom door had a vent, and everyone had heard me sing. I sat down in my seat, mortified. I lived through the day, but I don’t know how. Of all the songs to sing, I’d chosen Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender.

Peggy McClain Barr • Charlotte, North Carolina

Source: Reminise

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