Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"What's Happening to the King's English?"

Remember when "hippie" meant big in the hips,

And a "trip" involved cars, planes, and ships.

And "pot" was a vessel for cooking things in,

And "hooked" was what Grandmother's rug might have been.

When "neat" meant well organized, tidy and clean

And "grass" was a ground cover, normally green.

When "lights," and not people were turned on and off.

And the "pill" could be what you took for a cough.

When "fuzz" was a substance fluffy like lint.

And "bread" came from bakeries, not from the mint.

When "square" meant a ninety-degree angle form,

And "cool" was a temperature not quite warm.

When "roll" was a bun, and "rock" was a stone,

And "hang-up" was what you could do with the phone.

When "chicken" meant poultry and "bag" meant a sack,

And "junk," trashy cast-offs and old bric-a-brac.

When "swinger" was someone who swung in a swing.

And "pad" was a soft, sort of cushion thing.

When "dig" meant to shovel and spade in the dirt,

And "put-on" was what you would do with clothes.

Words once so sensible, sober, and serious, Are making the freak scene like psycho delirious.

It's groovy, man, groovy, but English it's not; Me thinks that the language has gone straight to pot!

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