Thursday, January 23, 2014

Voodoo Village - The Temple

"Voodoo Village" in Memphis Tennessee, somehow got stuck with that name in the sixties. The Village and it's owners, the Harris family, have suffered through countless indignities as a the residents of a grossly misunderstood urban legend. For better or worse, almost everybody who grew up in the Mid-South has a Voodoo Village story. For 50 years, the site has been the focus of harassment, vandalism, and now decay. Unlike the many exploitative clips you can find elsewhere, this film was made with the blessing of the owners. It was made with the help of Washington "Mook" Harris - the caretaker, produced by Perry Walker and directed by Eric Wilson in 2007. Mr. Walker has also published a book of photography of the artworks and the grounds. The goal of this film is to help people understand the true nature of the place - which is actually known as St. Paul's Holiness Temple. The temples and artworks were inspired by Biblical stories and Masonic iconography, not Voodoo. The Temple is the most amazing place in Memphis and a holy place if there ever was one. We hope to help the Harris family preserve the Temple before it turns back into earth, and let people know a little bit of the truth about this wonderful place.

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