Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Hermitage (Savannah, Ga.)


Where: Hermitage (Savannah, Ga.)
McAlpin Plantation (Savannah, Ga.)

Date: 1960

Description:   Located at: Savannah River vicinity, Savannah vicinity, Ga.

One-story brick and stucco Greek Revival house with a high basement and a portico with heavy fluted columns, Doric in form but surmounted by what appear to be Corinthian capitals. The portico is accessed by a curving stairway. The rear facade is identical to the front. The Hermitage was designed and built by Henry McAlpine, a Scottish architect, who kept the name given by M. Montilet, the French Huguenot from whom he acquired the property in 1814. Bricks for the house and outbuildings were made by slaves from clay on the plantation, which also provided a source of bricks for other buildings in Savannah. The house has remained unoccupied since it was sacked by Sherman's soldiers. According to HABS, in 1934, the slave quarters adjacent to the house were still occupied by descendants of the slaves for whom they were built.

Photograph annotated: "HABS p. 72, The Hermitage, Savannah, c. 1830, demolished ~ 1930's."

Date of structure: 1820.


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