Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bemis Mill In Jackson Tennessee


Bemis Mill in Jackson TN faces demolition. - Cotton mill town named Bemis constructed in 1900. Efforts by citizens to save the historic Bemis Mill have taken many forms including a protest rally at the Museum that produced hundreds of signatures on petitions turned over the City Council of Jackson. The mill is listed on the National Historic Register. When placing the Bemis property that included the mill on the Local Historic Register, a survey was done. However before the application was submitted, the mill building was taken off by a city employee who determined it should be considered commercial property and not historical property. This was done without notification to the Bemis Historical Society. Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist and Christian Morton, a co-owner of Bemis Mill LLC, met early Wednesday, 4/2/2014, to discuss the fate of the Bemis Cotton Mill and what it would take to save the old building from deconstruction. After negotiation, it was decided that the city will have two weeks to find investors to buy the mill, or deconstruction will begin. Learn more about this historic landmark visit:

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