Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: Can We Handle The Truth?

If mass media won’t report the truth, we must do it one on one
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This week President Obama broke out his pen again and signed off on an executive order that changes rules on overtime pay. This follows his use of that infamous pen to change minimum wage earnings. All of this comes from someone who’s never even run a lemonade stand.
So here we are with a president who seemingly hasn’t a clue how businesses operate. But he does know how to play to the masses and offer trite rhetoric like “income inequality” in order to buy votes.
In the end, employers are demonized as Obama seems the great savior from on high. What employers and those who reside in the world of reality must do is sit with their employees on a regular basis and explain the adverse effects of Obama’s inane game of thrones as it affects them. There’s only one way to combat the propaganda emanating from the “bully pulpit” and that is to have regular conversations.
If we don’t make it personal, as liberal progressives do, then we lose. We have to look Americans in the eye and sincerely and factually articulate how Obama and his apostles do not care. We have the power of the truth – we should use it.
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