Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The World’s Biggest Bank Vault

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In October, a Chinese group bought the Chase Manhattan Plaza in lower Manhattan – a 60-story tower built by banking legend David Rockefeller.

The Chinese buying major U.S. assets is nothing new. But there was something very unusual about this purchase.

Five stories below the city streets, the building houses the largest bank vault in the world.

It’s larger than a football field and anchored to the bedrock with steel rods. It was built to withstand a nuclear bomb.

This was no ordinary real estate transaction.

But we think we have uncovered what the Chinese have planned. It’s a situation we’ve been investigating for more than five years.

It's an amazing story we think will affect every American.

And we've put together all the details in an analysis you can access on our website, free of charge, here.


George Rayburn

Publisher, Stansberry Research

Source: Internet

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