Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Such Love Never Dies

Write me a poem, I heard her say,
I want a poem for my birthday.
Wanting to please my dear sweetheart,
I sat me down the words to start.

And then I thought with all my might,
What kind of poem? What shall I write?
A silent voice then spoke to me;
Tell her what in her face you see.

"No," said another, brave and bold,
"Simply let all your thoughts unfold.
Speak of her charm and of her mind,
Of how she's one of a special kind.

"Aw, yes," I said, for then I knew,
I must take the holistic view.
There's not one thing about my lady
That's rough or bad or even shady.

From how she dresses to have good looks,
And takes her walks and reads good books.
Oh, how she oozes out her charms
When she's ensconced within my arms!

And always knows just what to say,
In such a sweet and loving way.
"I love you, dear", she says to me,
And fills my heart with ecstasy.

With mind locked in to loving mind,
And arms about each one entwined,
We look into each others eyes,
And know that such love never dies!

~ Morvel Klause ~

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